Family Tree and Records



The following files are in Adobe .PDF format.  If you cannot open the files you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat reader from here.



·        Descendants of Emily (Bebeau) and Werner Dahlheimer:  shows the children of Emily and Werner


·        Ancestors of Emily (Bebeau ancestry only):  traces Emily’s ancestry back 10 generations, from herself to Jacques Bibeau who came from France in the 1600’s


·        Descendants of Jacques Bibeau who came from France in the 1600’s


·        Wall Chart showing ancestry of Emily all the way back to Jacque Bibeau:  several pages for printing and assembling to visually show Emily’s ancestry



Several people provided input and must be recognized for their contributions.  Further details and family records may be found on their websites:


Al Dahlquist, Little Canada, Minnesota, USA:




Lucette Bibeault, Quebec, Canada:



Patty Guimont, Chicago, Illinois, USA:
 - Home page
 – Emily’s records


Laurier Vadnais, Quebec, Canada: - Bibeau history


Jane Heinrich (originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA):