History in Minnesota, U.S.A.


Dahlheimers of Minnesota, 1855 – present


George and Geraldine (Tina) Dahlheimer


George, Henry Dahlheimer’s fifth child, was born October 23, 1862. 


The 1880 US Federal Census for Dayton lists him at age 17 living at home with his parents, working on their farm. 


In about 1885 or 1886, at about the age of 24, he married Geraldine (Tina) Wahl, a 20 year old woman from Germany. 


An 1890 Hennepin County plat map shows that George owned about 80 acres north of his father Henry’s land on Diamond Lake.


Between 1886 and 1900 George and Tina had five children, as noted in the 1900 US Federal Census for Dayton which lists George, Tina (Dina) and their children, Emma, Francis, Leo, Bernard and Werner. In 1902 George and Tina had two additional children, twins, namely:  Walter and George. Unfortunately George died at a young age from whooping cough.


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The 1900 US Federal Census also notes that George and Tina owned their own farm, which mostly likely refers to the land north of his father Henry’s land on Diamond Lake.


The 1910 US Federal Census lists George and Tina in Dayton Township with five children:  Francis, Leo, Bernard, Werner and Walter.  Their daughter Emma was married and no longer at home.



In 1909 George and Tina decided to purchase an additional 160 acres in Hassan Township from William and Sarah Mulrean for $10,900.  This land is located in the southwest quarter of section 14, township 120, range 23. 


It is interesting to note that part, if not all, of this land had been in the Mulrean family since 1862 when William’s father, Matthew Mulrean, purchased the land from the US Government.


George and Tina obtained the Contract for Deed for this property on December 28, 1909.  They agreed to pay a total of $10,900 as follows:  $2,000 in cash, and $1,000 each year thereafter until the full balance was paid.  As part of the purchase price, they agreed to pay a mortgage of $1,100 with interest payable annually at 5%.  Once they paid half the purchase price they would receive the deed for the property and would then be able to give back any outstanding balance on the mortgage.


Following is a copy of this contract for deed for George’s property in Hassan Township: 



On November 29, 1912, George and Tina obtained the Warranty Deed for the property in Hassan Township, after full payment of $11,000. 


Following is a copy of this Warranty Deed for George’s property in Hassan Township:



Following is a copy of a 1914 Hennepin County plat map showing the 160 acres in Hassan Township:



Other Dahlheimer relatives also lived in Hassan Township near George and Tina:

  • John Dahlheimer (son of Valentine and George’s first cousin).
  • Emma Dahlheimer (George’s daughter) and her husband, Henry F. Dahlheimer (son of Philipp who was the son of Valentine). 
  • Wilhelm Dahlheimer (possibly John’s son, William).


At this same time (1914), George also still owned the 80 acres of land in Dayton Township, as shown on the following 1914 Hennepin County plat map:


On June 17, 1915, George Dahlheimer died.  His wife, Geraldine (Tina) lived until May 11, 1927. 


Following his death in 1915, George Dahlheimer’s estate was valued as follows: 


Real property:                           $10000 (80 acres, unimproved lands)

                                                $18000 (80 acres, improved lands)

Household goods:                     $    400 (Beds, bedding, piano, etc.)

Mortgage notes:                        $ 2600

Contract for deed:                    $ 1000

Home:                                      $ 8000


            20 cattle                       $   400

            Horses                         $   800

            32 hogs                        $   250

            Farm machines $   300

            Automobile                   $   400

Total value:                               $34150


After funeral expenses and taxes, the net value came to about $30,000.  George died without a will, so Geraldine received about $13000 and her children received about $17,000.  Geraldine was allowed to live in the home for the duration of her life.