History in Minnesota, U.S.A.


Dahlheimers of Minnesota, 1855 – present

Leonard and Aurelia Dahlheimer


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Joseph Dahlheimer was Henry’s fourth child. On November 20, 1883, Joseph married Mary Lehn. Over the next twenty years they had eight children, all of which were girls except for Leonard. Leonard was born on January 5, 1897. On June 13, 1905, Henry sold the 90 acre farm along Diamond Lake to his son, Joseph. This land was the original homestead of Valentine Dahlheimer, Henry’s brother. This land eventually passed to Leonard and then to Leonard’s son, Louis F. Dahlheimer.


Leonard was the type of person who had the extraordinary ability to remember events that had taken place years before. Many of these are noted throughout this publication. On October l2, 1926, Leonard married Aurelia Lenz in St. Michael. They had four boys and one girl. Leonard passed away on December 30, 1978, at the age of 81.