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1988:  Dahlheimer Family Reunion in Minnesota, including descendants of Valentine and Henry

2005:  Dedication of the sign in memory of the “Dahlheimers in Minnesota”, May 12, 2005


Dahlheimer Family, By Generation - Descending From Philipp Dahlheimer in Germany:

1 – Philipp and Anna Dahlheimer

2 – Caspar:  late 1800’s: Caspar Dahlheimer Family

3 – Valentine:  Valentine and Elizabeth (Starm) Dahlheimer Family

      4 – John and Mary (Scherber) Dahlheimer

            5 - Phillip and Delvina (Morrisette) Dahlheimer

                 1987 – news article: A Look at Dayton Through Delvina’s Eyes

                 2002 - news article: Delvina - Family, Friends Say Good-bye

***           2008—new articles:  Catherine (Dahlheimer) Hagel— 113 Years, 73 Days

      4 – Matthew and Cornelia (McNeil) Dahlheimer

            5 – Merle and LaVerne (Kasper) Dahlheimer

                  2006 - news article: Dahlheimer Distributing Wins Coor's President's Award (.pdf)

3 – Henry: 1907:  Henry and Maria (Reche) Dahlheimer Family

      4 - John and Walburga (Temple) Dahlheimer Family

      4 - Elizabeth (Dahlheimer) and John Stenglein Family

      4 - Joseph and Mary (Lehn) Dahlheimer Family

      4 - Anna (Dahlheimer) and John Weber Family

      4 - Rosa (Dahlheimer) and Andrew Dehn Family

      4 - Frank Dahlheimer Family

      4 – George and Geraldine (Wahl) Dahlheimer

            5 - Werner and Emily (Bebeau) Dahlheimer:

                 1917-1950:  Werner and Emily – Family and Life on the Farm

                 1986 – 2000:  Werner and Emily Christmas Parties

***            1988—Emily’s Christmas Letter to Family

                 2000:  Werner and Emily Christmas Parties - Musical Traditions

                 2001 – present:  Werner and Emily Family Picnics

                 Family Memories of Life on the Farm

                 Dahlheimer Medical History (Excel spreadsheet) - request password to open

                 6 – Lucille (Dahlheimer) and Arthur Gmach

                 6 - Lillian (Dahlheimer) and Ray Hughes:

                      2005 - News Article: Dedication of “Lillian’s Garden”, St. Cloud, MN

                      Lillian and Ray Hughes Family Photos

                 6 – Dorothy (Dahlheimer) and Odell Schultz

                      2003-2004:  Kelly Stenhoff helps send 5000 books to Africa

***                 2001-2004:  Kelly Stenhoff—letters from Africa

                      Dorothy and Odell Schultz Family Photos

                 6 – George and Eleanor Dahlheimer

                 6 – Harvey and Lucille Dahlheimer

                 6 – Howard and Mary Ann (Bell) Dahlheimer: 

***                 Howard and Mary Ann Dahlheimer - Life Stories and Memories

                       1930 – present:  Howard and Mary Ann Dahlheimer Family Photos

                       1987 – news article: Dahlheimer Family Member to Publish Book

                       2002 – news article:  Kay Anderson Receives Awards

                       2006 – Visit to Quebec to see where Bibeau Family lived

***                 2008—Visit to La Rochelle, France, to see Bibeau/Bibaud Roots

                 6 – Marlene (Dahlheimer) and Sonny Reinking


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